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The DNA testing results are available in 5 to 8 business days after receipt of samples.

DNAForce is a Canadian company with offices across Canada.

The home collection kit takes 1 to 3 business days to arrive to your address and it is sent via express post.

Most appointments are available the same or the next day.

There are no hidden fees.

The laboratory is accredited and recognized.

The laboratory performs over 10,000 tests annually.

The home collection kit is sent in plain packaging with no way to tell what is inside.

For a paternity test, the mother does not need to be tested.



A DNA test is the most advanced and reliable way to determine if two or more people are biologically related.

The test is performed by highly trained professionals, and its results are accepted as true and authentic by the court of law and other authorities. Its popular application is paternity test, which is conducted to find out whether a person is the biological offspring or the alleged father or not. It is also used by forensic experts in criminal investigations.

During the test, a swab is taken from the inside of the mouth and analyzed in a laboratory. In some cases, blood samples may have to be taken instead of swabs from the mouth. In a laboratory, DNA markers are separated from each sample, analyzed and compared. The more markers that are found to be similar, the more the probability of a biological link will be. This is the reason up to 15 DNA markers are extracted and tested.

Because of the remarkably high rate of accuracy, the DNA testing conducted by DNAForce is accepted universally as irrefutable proof of a biological relationship.

The results of the DNA test are easy to understand and unambiguous. Whether the participants of the test are found to be biologically related or not, the verdict will be clearly stated in the report.

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