DNAForce is a Canadian DNA testing laboratory. We have years of experience in the field of DNA, Paternity and relationship testing. Our DNA tests are accredited by ISO 17025 and are performed using the latest technologies. We promise that we will deliver a quality service that is guaranteed and 100% confidential.

To get tested, we offer the three convenient methods below.


Option 1

Come in one of our clinics

This is the simplest most straightforward way to do a DNA test in Canada. Simply give us a call and we will book an appointment as soon as 1 to 2 days. The nurse at our clinic will take care of everything you need. We have multiple locations accross Canada.

Quebec City


We have more locations not in this list

Option 2

Order a Home DNA kit

The home DNA kit is easy to do using mouth swabs. It contains everything that you need including detailed instructions. Simply place an order, receive the kit at home, swab the inside of the mouth, then return the samples to us in the mail. When the results are ready we will mail the report to you.


Option 3
Print instructions then collect with Q-Tips

This is the most discrete option available anywhere. Simply print the instructions, then using Q-Tips that you have at home, collect the samples by swabbing the mouth. No kits will be sent to you. You can even view the results online or by calling us.

If you have these, you can start right now.


DNAForce is dedicated to providing high quality, easy and confidential, yet affordable services in paternity and other DNA testing! We understand that a paternity test can be an emotional and complex issue, which is why we offer each of our clients a customized approach to their personal situation. Take a look at the key features of our services or give us a call at 1 800 830-6306 for more information on how we can help you!

DNAForce is a Canadian company with collection centres across Canada.

Most appointments are available the same or the next day!

All of our services are bilingual – English and French!

The home collection kit takes only 2 to 4 business days to arrive to any address in Canada.

The home collection kit is sent in discreet, plain packaging with no way to tell what is inside.

The collection kit can also be sent to almost anywhere in the world!

There are no hidden fees, we quote you the full price upfront

The laboratory is highly accredited and recognized.

The laboratory performs over 10,000 tests annually.

The DNA testing results are available in 5 to 8 business days after receipt of samples by the laboratory.

All tests, communication and results are confidential to our clients.

For a paternity test, the mother does not have to be tested.



A DNA test is the most advanced and reliable way to determine if two or more people are biologically related.

The test is performed by highly trained professionals, and its results are accepted as true and authentic by the court of law and other authorities. Its popular application is paternity test, which is conducted to find out whether a person is the biological offspring or the alleged father or not. It is also used by forensic experts in criminal investigations.

During the test, a swab is taken from the inside of the mouth and analyzed in a laboratory. In some cases, blood samples may have to be taken instead of swabs from the mouth. In a laboratory, DNA markers are separated from each sample, analyzed and compared. The more markers that are found to be similar, the more the probability of a biological link will be. This is the reason up to 15 DNA markers are extracted and tested.

Because of the remarkably high rate of accuracy, the DNA testing conducted by DNAForce is accepted universally as irrefutable proof of a biological relationship.

The results of the DNA test are easy to understand and unambiguous. Whether the participants of the test are found to be biologically related or not, the verdict will be clearly stated in the report.

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I am no longer together with the father of my child. I suggested doing a paternity test and he has refused to participate. What can I do? Just because somebody is not available to use a buccal swab and collect saliva, doesn’t mean that you can’t test several other samples (like hair, toothbrushes, used tissues, blood, cigarette butts, etc.) that you can collect without having direct access to the person. Alternatively, it is possible to test people related to the father in order to establish a paternal relationship. Parents, siblings and other children of the father are all acceptable candidates to be tested.

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Men often wonder how a woman will react to the request for a paternity test. On online forums you can often run into the question

“Is it offensive or wrong to ask your significant other for a paternity test?”

The overwhelming answer is: It’s not wrong, but can be terribly offensive.

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